Costs and Shipping

We ship most of our items from Canada but will go to the US to ship if possible.  All of our packaged are sent registered mail with a tracking number that will be sent to you, along with a message that your package has been shipped.

We strive to have your package in the mail within 3 days of receiving your orders. If for whatever reason it will take longer than this, you will be advised via email.

Our prices are in Canadian dollars, and paypal will do any exchange necessary when your order is placed.

There is a minimum order value of $15.00 CDN.

Shipping costs US and Canada

product cost of $15.00 – $25.00           $15.00

product cost of $26.00 – $40.00           $20.00

product cost of $40.00 +                       $30.00

Please contact us at for international shipping costs

If you are wanting your product sent UPS or FedEx, please contact us for shipping costs as these are quite a bit higher than registered mail.

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