Pet Beds

We have two styles of pet beds, round and oval. All fabrics that shrink – 100% cottons – have been prewashed and dried so you can machine wash and dry at home with no problems.  The batting is sewn into the seams so it stays where it’s meant to be!

We make these in an assortment of fabrics and colours.  A combination of cabbage rose and minkyor fleece are the most popular. Please contact us for your colour preference and we will custom make the one that’s perfect for you and your pet.


Round Pet Beds




Round pet beds are reversible and fully washable and dryable. Contact us for more colours/fabrics.

$20 each


Oval Pet Beds




The oval pet beds can lay flat or have the sides cinched up to be more cozy. All are fully washable and dryable.

Oval pet beds are made to order and come in flannel, fleece, cabbage rose, or short pile velboa fur.

$30 each




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